Saturday, July 22, 2006

Literally SHIT: Challenge Your Stomach

Disclaimer: Repulsive Content

Coprophilia is the paraphilia involving sexual pleasure through human feces, or rather to its excretion.

Coprophilia is the attraction to the smell, taste or sight of the act of defecation as a primary means of sexual arousal and gratification. Erotic fulfilment with excrement may be practiced alone or with a sexual partner. A common slang term for this is "scat sex", other less common ones may exist.

Some coprophiliacs engage in coprophagia, the eating of feces. (source)

Coprophilia -commonly known as "scat"- is truely a stomach challenge, for those who think they are not easily disgusted I suggest you take a look at some coprophilia, and if you'r still not convinced try to download a small clip!!!

Check out those screenshots:
Start easy: Classy Dinner - Yet another Dinner - Playing with Dirt - Brownies
More disgusting: Swallowing Included - Yummy - Yummy2

In case you are not challenged yet try to download an actual scat movie ( has plenty)... If you werent moved then immediately visit the nearest asylum demanding your "steel stomach" certificate!!

I think those people take Korn's words in "Make me bad" way too literally:
I need to feel the sickness in you (Full lyrics)

PS: Repulsive material included
PS: Some links contain explicit and repulsive photographic content

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