Thursday, December 02, 2004

Notes And Complaints

This is a no-topic post... thus the "relevance to topic" policy is not enforced in this post, yet other commenting policies do apply.

I accept general notes, including but not limited to:
- suggestions, including topic suggestions, links to interesting websites, change of policy suggestions, NPOV replacements to POV, .... etc
- side-notes that are not related to the main topic of one or more posts
- bringing attention to older posts

I accepts complaints, including but not limited to:
- any violations of "no personal attacks" policy. such violations should not be discussed on the main topic's page, but should be complaint for here, otherwise, it is considered a violation of "relevance to topic" policy.
- inaccurate information published
- dead links (so that i might provide alternative locations whenever possible)
- pornographic\offensive material, not properly labeled or viewable without pre-consent of the reader
Note: complaints requesting censorship of objectionable materials will not be processed, unless they violate one of the policies. requests of similar kinds actually violate the "NO Censorship" policy. You have the right to decide what you see, but not the right to decide for others what they can see.

PS: This special purpose area of the blog is subject to periodic cleaning. thus comments might be removed on periodic basis. removal of such comments is for the sole purpose of keeping the list short, with only recent notes. removal of comments is an indication that it was read and considered. Thus removal of comments is not governed by any policies, and removal of comments is not a sign that it violated any policy. This area is not considered a place for discussing topics of interest.

This entry was first published on January 5th, 2006.


Tala said...

is it possible that you left justify your posts. because it would make it nicer and more practical to read as articles.

Devil's Mind said...

I have added a <<< button at the end of each post for those who dont like centered text...

Tala said...

Thx :D

Ghaith said...

Man, your feed is messed up! Aren't you going to submit a bug-report to Blogger?

It's hard to keep track of your posts this way :S

Devil's Mind said...

I did submit a bug report to Blogger! yet, I think its not really a "bug" - its more of a feature, yet Blogger really have to provide better options to override it!