Thursday, December 02, 2004

Posting Policy

Guidelines that I (the author) follow when posting:

I try to follow my commenting policy to avoid double standards thus:
- Most entries will be written in English, so that this blog can be understood by everybody
- Not retract posts once published: Objectionable material will not be withdrawn even under public disapproval
- NO CENSORED MATERIAL. Knowledge is the goal as opposed to uninformative material!
- Avoid personal attacks! Avoid unjustified hate! Avoid senseless material!
- Not post pornographic\offensive materials directly viewable without informative warnings.
- Most (if not all) material I write is copylefted. Again to reserve usability of published information they are freed of proprietary copyright terms.

Posting Frequency:
- I write entries whenever I have material, there is no time basis for posting... I try to maintain a maximum of two weeks idle time between new posts... If you like this weblog I suggest you check it on weekly basis, or through an RSS feed.
- The posting frequency has been reduced dramatically since this policy was first published. In order to maintain the quality of this blog, I publish new posts only when I have material worth posting. For this reason, an RSS feed is the recommended method to follow this blog.

This entry was first published on November 13th, 2005.