Monday, November 26, 2007

Why This Blog Is Not Being Updated...?

Simply said, I am on an open-ended break... I have absolutely no idea when I will continue my work here, but my work is not done yet... I still want to carry on this work on my blog, but currently I have no enthusiasm to write.

To make things even clearer... I, Devil's Mind, have more than one hobby... Writing down my thoughts -in a blog or otherwise- is one of those... But currently I am more occupied with one of my other hobbies, programming!

Its kind of a cycle. For all the period of my blogging, I have been occupied by blogging and neglected programming. This is the time when I shift gears, I got back to programming and neglected my blog... I guess this blog shall wait until I finish some programming projects, and get enough of programming... That would be the time I get back to this blog with new enthusiasm...

I hope this would answer most inquiries of why this blog is not being updated!