Thursday, December 02, 2004

Point Of View Policy

Notes to keep in mind while surfing this weblog:

- Since this is a personal weblog, views presented in this weblog ARE NOT necessarily neutral point of view.
- Posts are NOT necessarily politically correct.
- Posts do NOT necessarily represent a worldwide view.
- Posts may include sympathetic point of view as to what I see fit.
- This weblog is NOT to be considered as unbiased journalism space, but rather as a presentation of the point of view of the author.
- The credibility of published info is NOT to be assumed; The reader is both encouraged and responsible for checking validity of claims (read: Doubt: The Reader's Responsibility)
- NO WARNINGS will necessarily exist to identify biased posts. This policy statement is considered as an adequate disclaimer.

This doesn't mean that NPOV isn't used, or not encouraged. NPOV is a positive trait of professional journalism, and actually is a necessity for journalism, and encyclopedic documentations.
If you happen to disagree with the POV presented in any post, you are welcome to comment on that post, provided that you write in accordance with the commenting policy. Opposing POV are always welcome, and your right to present your POV in a civilized manner is reserved.
Another way to deal with some POV is to suggest an alternative NPOV replacement, that provide the same account of knowledge to the original piece. To do this, you can either post your suggested replacement on the topic's page, or place a complaint.
As a reaction to such complaints, I may choose to: (1)commit suggested adjustments, (2)place a POV warning, (3)or just ignore the complaint.

This entry was first published on January 8th, 2006.