Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Virtual Machines And Microsoft's Virtual PC Program

following my hardware upgrade, my computer have become powerfull enough to run a cool technology called "Virtutal Machines", this technology is actually computer hardware emulated through software; so effectively you can create an imaginary computer within your environment and install and test software on it seperately from the currently installed OS. this software have been a great help when trying to test my several linux distributions that i downloaded recently from the internet. you don't have to worry about messing with the new OS at the risk of deleting your data, you dont have to worry anymore about re-partitioning your hard disk... better yet you dont have to log off windows to work on linux, you can do both at the same time on the same screen.
i highly suggest testing for people who are interested in technology, and those whose hardware can support its load.... i can run maintaining very acceptable performace two virtual machines with my 1GB RAM, i guess anyone with 512MBs or more can support at least one virtual machine.

there are several programs that can emulate a computer... the one i used is microsoft's virtual pc, others include another well-known product in that field VMware.

To read more about virtual machine check here and here
Download microsoft's virtual pc 45-days trial edition from here

Computer Hardware Upgrade

after installing ADSL my computing requirements increased.... more downloads meant need for higher storage capacity.... more programs downloaded meant more free RAM needed... OS downloads meant need for a testing medium for these OSes.
two days ago i got 1GB RAM, and a new 80GBs HDD so making the total storage capacity of my computer 200GBs.
installing new RAMs was a little problematic, especially when i tried to use my old RAMs with my new RAMs, i had to stop being greedy and have enough with my newly bought 1GB RAMs. the hard disk was more of a problem: initially i had two problems, i had no space for my new hard disk to place it in, so i had to remove the floppy temporarily and place the hard disk in its place... the other problem that i had no electricity plugs left for it, so again i temporarily used my cd's plug instead. today i sent my computer to the maintenance and they managed to allocate place for the new hard disk and plug it to electricity.
i love my computer more now :D