Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Serial Killers Must Be Interesting People

who isnt fascinated by serial killers?! they'r the heroes of our criminal fantasies.... yeah?!?! u agree?! u must be a sick psychopath, i gotta run!
serial killers are ppl we wanna get to know, but we dont want them to get to know us!
bla bla bla.... whteva... if u'r interested in reading some crime stories, this site will probably get ur attention.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Negativity is a talent

take the good old example Dr. Becker.....
recently i bumped into a page promoting negativity and hate, although this guy is not stylish in his view as Dr. Becker (dont ask me why i luv that show :P ), i kinda liked the page, although i dont totally agree with views promoted in it.
here is the link:

PS: under no condition, i claim resemblance between the views of Dr. Becker, and the author of that site .ie. they are not similar in anyway

PS: the page contains some offensive content including inapropriate language, racism (the author is not nessarily racist), sexism, and other types of hostility.