Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The guy i was bad-mouthing yesterday was me!!

In the very first semester of the university i was wondering how geeky the guy who comes first probably is! i wondered how many hours he probably spends with books around him! in skl, i was nvr the first, usually third or even fourth!!
the second semester came, and it seems that i was the first in my department!!
i always thought that success in academic field does not imply failure in other fields: today i am concerned this might only have been my excuse to be 'smarter'...... i would argue that i dont study much, and i am not a book nerdie...... yet somehow im still a nerdie: for example, who would start programming computer at age of 11? who would get 100/100 in physics in university without even giving a dime? who finds that mathematics is only a matter of 'common sense'? who would solve an exam in less than half the time set for it and get it all right?
the reason i am thinking about these stuff is that i am actually 'distant' from ppl..... and even if i was smart not nerdish this will not change that i have got the first in university in the first semester......... intelligence and nerdiness are different, but i am afraid both are hell!
maybe i am the person i nvr wanted to be............................

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