Monday, September 19, 2005

Elfen Lied: Greatest Anime Series I Ever Watched

This anime exceeds the expectations of any casual TV-drama fan, its one of a kind story shows some genuine creativity and deep skills of the author(s) to move almost any human...
According to one fan site, "Elfenlied" is the german version of "elf song", pronounced as if it were spelled in english "Elfenleet".

The main character of the story is more of a "killing machine", its a mutant that escaped a secret facility where she was quarantined for over five years... that secret facility quarantines all diclonius (human-like beings with horns on their heads), and conducts several bloody tests on them.

Lucy (the main character) after escaping the facility gets shot and falls off a cliff into the ocean, aparently causing split personality disorder... her new personality is peaceful and literally a new baby, she even forgot her mother language, and she needs to learn language from scratch... but the killer side comes into action whenever she is in danger.

The secondary character is guy who came back to his home town after almost eight years... back then eight years ago, his whole family was murdured brutally infront of his eyes on a train, causing him severe trauma, and then he was sent to a hospital where he was forced to erase all his past memories of that period.... amoung the stuff he had to forget were his promises to his cousin, who after all these years welcomes him to his home town... she has not forgotten the promises, and she actually was willing that he would still rememmber... but in vain....
Aparently there are much more complicated memories that he had forgotten, and more promises waiting to be fulfilled...
But i will not be telling you the whole story,, so my recommendation is that you watch this series because it is really good drama, and you might really need the tissue this time ;) :P

here you will find the torrent for this series.
if u are not sure how to use this file, here is a starting point.
note that the download size 2GBs so you'll need some kind broadband to download it.
if you already watched it, you might be interested in this fan site.

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