Friday, October 06, 2006

The Bag Tag - That Says Your Name

Since I have been kindly tagged by Tala with the BAG TAGTM, the tag that reveals your TRUE IDENTITYTM, I decided to face my demons and share with my readers the tag that I have been afraid to share!!

  1. Calculator: Mainly for my exams, and sometimes to help me make simple calculations.
  2. Pen: Obviously for writing my notes during classes.
  3. Papers: Numerous handouts given by teachers, including syllabuses, exam papers, homeworks, ..etc.
  4. Notebook: Also for writing down my notes during classes.
  5. Probability Textbook: Nah, I don't carry books with me, its just that I just bought this book yesterday at the university!
    Now to the most shocking item, the item which only the BAG TAGTM has ever been able to reveal, the item that speaks of my most inner demons, the item that reveals my TRUE IDENTITYTM and says my name!
  6. Lovely Green Dildo: Sometimes I feel kinda gay [as in right now!] and need to shove something up my butt!! It might also be used to give a chick an extra hand whenever -if at all- that comes handy...
Now, I pass on this tag to other gay fellows to help them come out of the closet with this incredibly gay tag, the BAG TAGTM! Now that you know my little dirty secret, I hope Tala can now understand my initial hesitation to answer her tag in the comments here!


Tala said...

first of all its not a challenge, its the farthest possible to be called a challenge, it is supposed to be fun!

o ba3dain, i didnt say it reveals your true identity! all what i said is that whats in your bag says something about you..

finally, about your little dirty secret. so what?

but thank you 4 going for it, i appreciate your cooperation and for giving us the chance to see whats in your bag ;P

Devil's Mind said...

okay, sorry, its not really a challenge... I'll fix it!

I couldnt really let you down for some tag :D

Tala said...

=D thank you, this is very nice of you.

Arabian Terrorist said...

I must say as a close friend of zaid this doesn't surprise me much thought we(the gang)didn't talk about it often but we always knew there was something wrong about his sexuality, specially when he asked me to keep the cigar casing "dildo" after i finshed smoking my cigar!!

Tala said...

see how people underestimate a great tag like the BAG TAG

Abed. Hamdan said...


I've just come across your blog.

you are a student of computer engineering @ just ? lol

so am I ! :)

im a 5th year student (class of 2002).

you're the third blogger i meet from JUST!

Devil's Mind said...

Welcome Mr Abed