Sunday, November 05, 2006

Devil's Mind The Blog Enrolled In Jordan Planet

In an unanticipated event, this blog -Devil's Mind- has been enrolled as a Jordan Planet citizen. Almost a year ago, this blog was submitted to blogwise and Jordan Planet. Blogwise's response was pretty much timely, and the blog was being featured on this page since Dec 27th 2005. A year later, on Nov 5th 2006 this blog was added to Jordan Planet blogroll.

Good news? Bad news? I'm pretty much positive its not bad news. This leaves us with the other possibility: that its most likely good news to have a larger readers base that is expectedly generated through Jordan Planet. I hope this blog will retain its quality for its old-times readers (who are highly appreciated :D ), and hopefully for its new readers as well.

Lets just hope for best!


kinzi said...

Hey DM, congrats!! Good things come to those who wait. From your former neighbor, Kinzi

Khalidah said...

Mabrook and welcome to the planet :)

I am glad you are with us ... and I am looking forward to see you in our meetings :)

Batir said...

I remember we were in a collision a few months ago with your post on Arabic language but I really like your blog and your posts are deep and freaky which is something missed at the JP and you will be a quality addition. WElcome.

Devil's Mind said...

Dear Kinzi and Khalidah, thanks for your warm words of welcome. Hopefully, I might attend one of the coming JP meetings to get to know the crew and mates in this little planet.

Dear Batir, I guess any dispute that happened or might happen shouldnt hinder understanding of one person to another. In our world there are basically two ways to deal with opinion collisions, the first is the terrorist way... To be intolerant of the differences and use malicious methods to resolve issues. The other way, is the civil way, to understand the differences and use debates without any negative feelings. And if it happens that we never reach mutual agreement, we can let everyone be. I hope we all can go with the latter :D

salam said...


Tala said...

hope it turns out well there
Best wishes