Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Simple Pleasures

Upon, The Arab Observer's request, I am asked to list "10 Simple Pleasures"... So here we go:

  1. Physical pleasures, including: masturbation, sex, massaging, and hot bathes.
  2. Sleeping.
  3. Thinking alone in bed.
  4. A drive in a car.
  5. Delicious foods, including: Pepsi, Ice-cream, Chips, Shawerma.
  6. Simulation (open-ended) games, like "The Sims 2" my current favorite game.
  7. Relaxing music, including: Oud (3ood), instrumental, Enigma, Fairouz.
  8. Being with friends.
  9. Being drunk.
  10. Interesting chat, including: heart-to-heart talks, mind-to-mind talks, and bad jokes.

Lets just note that, pleasure is the most important aspect in life... No matter what we do, lets just work towards a happy life... No matter how serious things might seem, there is always time for laughter and pleasure :)


The Observer said...

"there is always time for laughter and pleasure"

Very right indeed. Thanks for answering the tag. I noticed a smile face at the end of your post. Something you don't usually add when you right :)

Devil's Mind said...

Well, yes you are right, I don't use smiley faces frequently! Guess the style of this blog is articles, rather than chit-chat style... Over-using smiley faces makes them lose meaning, so guess its better to use them when its fits in the context!

Qwaider قويدر said...

LOL ... this is so funny... and from the level of "explicity" I think is also true. I don't think anyone else dared to mentions sex and masturbation.

Kind of reminds me of that website for "the best things ever" those two were there, along with a bunch others like .. boobs!

Devil's Mind said...

Its not really worth it for me to lie to avoid a simple "tag" like this one!!! - And well, its a shame for the people who do feel the need "not to mention" certain things!