Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Drapetomania: The Mentally Ill Slaves

Drapetomania is a mental illness that causes black slaves to flee captivity.

Samuel Cartwright has discovered this mental illness, and he also uncovered its cause. This disorder was a consequence of masters who made themselves too familiar with their slaves, treating them as equals. With good whipping, the slaves' unacceptable behavior can be fixed.

Fuck those mentally ill bastards! How dare they disobey their masters?! Thank you Samuel Cartwright for showing the world the right way to deal with those mentally sick slaves.


a different perspective said...

It is amazing how things that sounded normal 150 years ago sound completely absurd today.
I bet it won't be any different in 2150

Devil's Mind said...

I actually disagree with you.

You are amazed how absurd certain things in the past were. But I am amazed how absurd things today are!

The same things that we consider absurd in the past, are still in effect today. 150 years ago, it was about the blacks. Today those same things still happen but under different names. Its amazing how people cannot recognize the exact same things, just because we give them new names.

Instead of mocking the past, we should learn from the mistakes, and ask ourselves: In what ways are we making the same mistake - (but under a different disguise of course).

You will be surprised that over 90% of the world are slaves... But they don't know that... Because the world now is politically correct, we don't call a slave, "a slave" in his face!

The Crimson said...

hah,seeking freedom used to be a mental illness,how interesting!

its true what you said,in fact modern slaves actually believe they are free,at least the blacks knew the truth and fought against it.

now they are so brainwashed and controlled,happily following the herd.

Devil's Mind said...

Yes, thats exactly my point. The system will make everything possible to take control. It's going to make up lies to justify its control.

And the lies of the past were too obvious, so new better lies had to be made up!!

So it figures, there is no way better to ensure that the slaves won't fight the system, is by leaving them oblivious to the fact of their slavery...

Anonymous said...

Everyone is blaming poor people for trying to live beyound their means when trying to get a home they can't afford.
What about the systems that are in place that only provide opportunities for people with certain cultural captital and does not appreciate or accept other types of cultural captital.

Is this just a double standard or mobilized bias?