Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going Away.... To The Future

Infected Mushrooms in "The Cities of the Future":
We gonna run run run
To the cities of the future
Take what we can and bring back home
So take me down to the cities of the future
Everybody's happy and i feel at home

I found myself going away
Never wanting to go back again.
Leaving all my thoughts behind
Searching for some new ones inside.
(Full lyrics)

I, a long time ago, have promised myself to leave all that I have known for something better..... Someday!


reader said...

Hi Zaid, Hope is well at your side, its been a very long time since yu wrote anything, hope to see read or hear your news, take care

Devil's Mind said...

Well, I have recently graduated from university. And now I am trying to figure out what my next step will be! Thats in a nutshell!!

Tala said...

YAAAY CONGRATS!! ALF MABROOK Eng. Zaid =D though I never cared much for the title, but you earned it!! now you can spread your wings & pursue your dreams

YAAAAAAAY this is so great :D

Devil's Mind said...

Pursuing my dreams is what I do and have always been doing... However realizing those dreams still does seem far reached for the time being!

Anyways, thank you Tala so very much.

Repulsive Me said...

dud you really need to put a follow me link on your page.... :->
love the blog

Devil's Mind said...

Thank you 'Repulsive me'. However, I am not going to add a 'follow me' link. At least not at the time being. I am glad that you liked my blog, unfortunately, it is currently infrequently updated.