Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Comments Have Been Lost

While I was browsing some of the old blog posts here on my blog, I noticed some posts that had "0 comments", which I was pretty sure that I did receive several comments on. Needless to say, I never authorized such a deletion of contents and I am very disappointed how Google would let something like this happen. I did not suppose Google would be unreliable so as to lose dozens of comments on this blog.

I am going to communicate with Google in an attempt to retrieve as much as possible of the lost comments (I think its unlikely they lost the content for good, although I cannot be sure how co-operative they will be in this regard).

Anyways, any concerned blogger should recheck old posts for missing comments. If my observation is correct, the affected posts are those made during or before the year 2006.


Ghaith said...

Henya333 dude, good to have you back! How's everything going with you?

This is to let you know that I hold you personally liable for the loss of any comments I left on this blog. I was under the impression that the wisdom that I share in the form of comments on this blog was to be well taken care of. In case this doesn't turn out to be true, I will deny thee any further contributions and will leave this blog to rot without my precious comments (speaking of rotting, have you taken a look at my blog recently?).

Seriously though, I was taking a look around and noticed that Blogger has finally implemented some sort of backup feature where users are allowed to export all their blog data into a file. You might wanna do that every once in a while to keep your posts and everybody's comments safe; it's pretty worth it.


Devil's Mind said...

Oh, we have back up feature... That's great, wonder how long it has been there. I will certainly use it for the future.

Also, Google is known for archiving the web, they even have archives of old web pages on the net. So they might have a copy of this data somewhere in their archives.

Devil's Mind said...

I have searched about the case for lost comments and several people have had complaints about lost comments, although all of those that I have read were a result of change in the settings of their blog. Things like switching from private to public, changing domain names, and stuff like that. However, I did not change any such settings on my blog.

I think this might have happen in one of their updates to the system. Anyways, many people have reported that Google did restore their comments, so there is some hope that I might be lucky enough to get them back.