Monday, February 07, 2011

The Egyptian Revolution

I rarely speak in favor of the actions of Arabs, but brace yourselves, that's a precedence... The recent events in Egypt is something praise worthy. The people finally got over their lazy asses and demanded actual and tangible change in a positive direction.

Most Arabs are quick to play the blame game. They blame everyone except themselves. America and Israel are mentioned as the greatest evil.... Boohoo, they were either ignorant or cowards to state the truth that the leadership itself was the real enemy. The people were the greatest enemy of their own, because they stand idle while their freedoms where taken away from them.

Those actions are commendable, because this is the first time in a very long time that fingers are being pointed in the right direction, toward reform from within rather than reform from without.

On a more critical stand, I think that the Egyptian Revolution is a step forward, but not a resolution. It creates a chance to make things right, rather than something that sets the record straight in and of itself. Lets hope that this political reform will lead to a liberal-democratic government that respects the rights of its citizens, rather than yet another political system that sacrifices civil liberties for self-serving agendas.


A Dizzy Mind said...

Well Said pal..
But i think describing the revolution as mini is a little underestimation.
The rise of nations is something to respect understand and observe.
The Egyptian people are facing their hardest test in their history; i.e. either solidarity or Loss. In both cases hats off to the mighty power of the people.
and by the way i liked the honest description of yourself. Keep it up buddy.


Devil's Mind said...

Objectively speaking, the events in Egypt don't constitute a revolution - not yet. So far, they are large-scale protests. However, I do hope it becomes a full-scale revolution, and there is good evidence that it will become one.