Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Take a Pill in a Lonely World

Limp Bizkit in "Lonely World":
Another day another night inside a lonely world
Another game another fight inside a lonely world
Another wrong another right inside a lonely world
Such a lonely world, such a lonely world

No matter how hard i can try inside a lonely world
No one can hear me when i cry inside a lonely world
I'll never know the reasons why inside a lonely world
Such a lonely world (such a lonely world) (Full lyrics)

It is amazing how in a connected world full of people, you can still feel lonely. You could be not alone, be in a place with a hundred other people, yet you can feel lonely; You know the feeling?!

When people so consumed by the day-to-day activities and in a rush they don't bother to look beneath the surface...

Limp Bizkit in the same song:
Still i never want it all, and i never want it now
I just want to cruise, if i loose then i'll figure it out

Take a pill! Take a hike! Do whatever, just chill out and look around!


Rain said...

You seriously need to change your track list!

Devil's Mind said...

Well, these songs I listen to for nostalgia. Alternative rock has the very inspiring lyrics.

Quotes from songs are not meant to be up-to-date, but to illustrate a point. Unless I misunderstand your comment and you are not referring to the age of the songs.

I listen to instrumentals and psychedelic trance, which don't have any lyrics. Sometimes I just like to listen to something with vocals for old times sake!

Rain said...

Of course I didn't mean the age 0_O if there's someone who listens to oldies it's me!
But you need to listen to something without a depressing tone for change y3ny 0_O
"Such a lonely world, such a lonely world"
Dunno about you but I'm suddenly feeling like jumping off a building :)

Devil's Mind said...

I am not sure how much familiar you are with the metal/rock scene, but those genres generally strive to extract strong emotional reactions. I would expect nothing less than jumping off a building ;)

But don't worry, trance is anything BUT depressing. So I got those balanced out!

Aseel said...

"It is amazing how in a connected world full of people, you can still feel lonely"

Couldn't agree more.. amazing the effort we make to protect our privacy and show our individuality but still at the end of the day we look back at it and just feel alienated and alone.. and then blame everyone and everything but ourselves.