Saturday, June 04, 2011

Alice in Wonderland (2010): The Best Love Story

Alice in Wonderland, how did I forget this astonishing movie!! I still remember the first time I watched it, I was thinking "Wow!". And I am not wowed easily! It's a story about love... But not everyday love, but what I would definitely call "true love"! It was like the writer tapped into my head, read my mind, and made it into a movie!

Behind its fantasy and out-of-this-world narrative lies great truth and wisdom. I am not sure that everyone would understand the symbolism behind this great movie, but let's see what readers make of it. So, yeah dear readers, consider this a homework. Watch this movie and share your thoughts on what you understand from it.

Every scene has lots of wisdom in it, I can write a post about each and every scene in this movie. But I will not do that, maybe sometime in the future, but not in the near future. However, I will make one post that highlights the main story line, and the most prominent wisdom that can be gained from this movie. This post should be there next week hopefully.

The movie has a lot to say about love, politics, religion, life, and psychology. But I will focus on the topic of love, so as not to confuse readers. The main idea of the movie focuses on the post I made titled "The Choice Between Love and Fear", and in a more indirect manner the post titled: "About Love: Love and Curiosity". So, if you liked those posts, this homework is made especially for you!

So once again, watch this movie if you hadn't already and share your insight.

Download this movie: (torrent) (avi)


Aseel said...

to be honest with you, I loved the movie for two reasons:

1- it reminds me of lovely and dear memories of my childhood and how I perceived the world at that time-had a really REALLY wide imagination-.. I would love to get that back...

2- I'm a big fan of Johnny Depp :)

But, i will try to watch the movie, or read the story again and wait for your next post :)

Israa said...

Though I loved the movie , adopted the mad hatter as an identity , and never returned from Wonderland ; I shall never ever forgive Tim Burton on the crappy opening scene or the horrible dance at the end !

dunno but, don't indulge into the movie so much . the STORY IS great but the movie wasn't at all as we expected . like the combination of Tim Burton , Jhonny Depp , Alice in Wonderland sshould have shown us what is even better !

Devil's Mind said...

Well, I never read the story, just the movie. Maybe I should one day.

So, could you relate to the story?! Or was it just fiction to you?! Do you see the point or lesson it makes?!

Israa said...

Hey !
If Alice in Wonderland is just fiction what books are left to teach you the deep meanings of life ?!

However , I'm waiting to hear what you are saying about a love story in there , i never went to this dimension :)

Devil's Mind said...

So, let me ask, who or what do the following characters represent:
1- Red Queen
2- White Queen
3- Mad Hatter
4- Jabberwoky
5- Alice

If you understand what each character represents, maybe you'll be able to better understand the movie.

Israa said...

"maybe you'll be able to better understand the movie."? well , this provoked me to some extent:) so I do understand everything but"My Way" and what caught me by surprise in first place is when you wrote the exact four words : The Best love story .i got a thought like : we have something new there. and that's because I'm so much into literature myself and read many reviews on the two books by Caroll still, never as said before " got to that dimension" :)
Burton’s take on the children’s classic tale is bizarre, violent and often visionary.
so I'm not really gonna "atfalsaf "
or reflect deeply telling what each character meant to me, coz so many different interpretations about this book were given that seemed to me , mostly, by people who are so obsessed by "deepness " as to put in it what is not there or others I call stupid who adopt the drugs theory :s anyway , I think descriptions would differ as your "zoomed out " look at the story would be ,and mine is that its a story about growing up , finding identity , and experiencing adults very contradicting world by eyes of a child .
pardon me for i was babbling long and not even as what you asked :)

Rain said...

1- Red Queen selfishness,ego,laziness,asshole-ness :P

2- White Queen peace,forgiveness,justice and truth

3- Mad Hatter the voice inside you that pushes you to the max of your power and tells you to do the right things

4- Jabberwoky Any fear we have,it looks big and scary but we can vanquish it if we believe it's possible.

5- Alice for me she's like each and every one of us,trying to stand out and make her own future,do the things she loves...she falls behind sometimes but she's unique and strong and that is why she overcomes her fears and hard situations,personally I related to her very much :)

Devil's Mind said...

Israa, I think if you watched the movie carefully, and then read my interpretation, you'd find that it is a very realistic interpretation. But you need to connect with the story at a personal level, otherwise you'd see it as a bunch of random events taking place.

There are many hints all over the place about what each character represents. You be the judge when I publish my promised post.

Well, now Rain that's a good interpretation of the story, and it's characters. I have some more specific interpretations for the red/white queen. But for the other characters that's exactly what I think they mean.

I agree with Rain's interpretation of the white and red queen, but I can describe each one of them with one word. Try to guess which word I would describe each of the queens. :)

And I agree with Rain, the movie is talking about each and every one of us. Everyone has to live what Alice has gone through. For some the Red Queen wins and they live life in fear. For others the White Queen wins and they live life the good way.

Aseel said...

mmmm, Devil's Mind, Is it "Jealousy"? I think that not just the red queen was jealous, the white queen was also jealous of red queen... its not just the struggle of power.. But this is a personal interpretation.

there are lots of what you said in previous posts in this movie other than jealousy... Like curiosity and fear and their relationship with "love". These two characteristics were actually shared among all characters..

Devil's Mind said...

Yeah actually, my interpretation is that the white queen represents love, and the red queen represents jealousy.

But the white queen was not jealous of red queen. Yeah, she liked to mock her. But that's not really jealousy. And at the end of the movie, she was willing to forgive her, but she couldn't let her stay because of all the mess she caused.

Also, notice that the red queen and white queen are sisters. Just like in real life, love and jealousy are like sisters.

Devil's Mind said...

And yes, you can find many parallels in what I post with this movie. Actually, more than you'd probably realize.