Saturday, March 17, 2012

Communication in The Paradigm of Open Relationships

It is my personal belief that honest communication plays an important role in interpersonal relationships. I have stumbled upon an interesting and eye-opening YouTube video that clarifies that importance of honest communication in relationships, and the role of opening up relationships and it's positive effects on communication between partners. Highly Recommended.

Non-Sexual Open Relationships - Part 1
Non-Sexual Open Relationships - Part 2


african girl said...

Communication is indeed a very helpful tool in maintaining the spark of a relationship. Keeping in touch with each is a very nice feeling you will ever felt to someone you really love. Being open with each other will lead to better closeness.

Anyways, thanks for this inspiring topic of yours. You really made me realize something from before.

filipina said...

For me, I'm not really in favor of open relationships because it can really ruin someone's life. I can say that it is not a nice way of enjoying life because you can really hurt someone's feelings.
Anyways,we humans have different points of view.