Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do We Need Government?!

While I don't have strong beliefs whether a government is absolutely necessary, or can be completely discarded, there are good reasons to believe that it might be possible that we don't need government in any form. The functions of the government might be subject to privatization, and this may lead to more efficient and flexible security implementations.

See those four videos that explain the possible mechanisms that government can be discarded. The first two videos are short straight to the point explanation. The third and fourth videos are complete lectures that provides additional insights how such a system can happen, and how this is already widely used in our current times.

1- Social Cooperation: Why Thieves Hate Free Markets
2- Law without Government: Conflict Resolution in a Free Society
3- Do We Need Government?
4- Anarchy and Efficient Law


Rain said...

we would know..7koomatna wjoodha w ellet.ha wa7d

Devil's Mind said...

Well, actually, our government may be doing more harm than good!! If it's existence and non-existence is the same ("wjoodha wellet.ha wa7d") that would have been a great deal!!

Rain said...