Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Spyware Is Getting Too Far

in recent news, Sony is caught installing spyware as part of music CDs protection. the spyware is illegal software, and it was belived that it is being installed by less reputable software makers (until Sony decided to break the rule)! attempting to uninstall the spyware with traditional anti-spyware tools makes it impossible to boot into windows..... thats plain bullshit! to make the matters worse, the spyware installs with autorun, so all you need is insert the CD in the drive, and there you go, u'r infected! there was no mention of 3rd party spyware being bundled with copy-protected music CDs in the EULA or anyother document: guess Sony has just destroyed its own reputation, and is waiting for the first person to start a lawsuit! i hope someone will get their asses, because the last thing we need is broken trust with reputable software sources! that shit is now haunting the computer industry!

click here for a blog entry of the investigation

Update: Microsoft has updated its spyware definitions as to remove Sony's DRM software!

Update2: Sony says it will discontinue distribution of its DRM software, which could pose a "rootkit" security threat to users.

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