Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lebanese Civilians: The Greatest Loss Of All

Me: What's the fuss about Hizbolla having won over Israel? Is there any substantial grounds for such claims? Am I missing something here?
Dad: See Zaid, You are an A-student... What happens when you get a B? You feel underachieving... But what happens when an F-student gets a D? They celebrate their overachievement, because achievement is directly related to the expected result... Most Arabs view themselves as totally helpless, below zero you may say... So no matter how much they lose, they only see it as an overachievement!!
Me: So one can say that those who see victory are the ones who believe that they are incapable?
Dad: Well.... I guess you can! See: Hizbolla captured two Israeli soldiers and Israel has failed to retrieve them... Hizbolla takes that as a victory although the cost was thousands of Lebanese civilians: This only shows that to them those two soldiers are way more valuable than thousands of Lebanese civilians... That's the real plague!!

Uh... Finally cease fire! And the cost? Thousands of Lebanese lives.... Has Hizbolla won? Maybe, only time can tell!! Has Israel won? Considering that the 'claimed' goal of the attack was to retrieve the two soldiers, I guess they failed in that respect... I cannot tell about other goals of the attack, whether any of which was satisfied or not!!

But don't you see? We are talking Hizbolla VS Israel? But where is Lebanon? Lebanon was the battle ground... The battle ground for Hizbolla and Israel to get even!! This war has brought nothing but destruction and loss to Lebanon! Can a legitimate political party use a country as a battle ground for its operations? The way I see it, Hizbolla has put their own political agenda prior to any considerations for the country that is hosting them... Could a legitimate political party lead a country to a war without the accordance of its government and more importantly its people? Could a legitimate political party lead a country to a war that it couldn't shield against?! Hizbolla has lead Lebanon to a war that neither Lebanon nor Hizbolla have been able to shield against!!

Hizbolla might have satisfied one goal, but the best interest of Lebanon evidently has no place on Hizbolla's agenda... Hizbolla - as a political party - might have achieved something, but Lebanon had lost the most thing that matters: The lives of its own people!!


Cynical Banter: Jaded By The Socially Inept said...

In war, neither side wins. Both are losers.

Devil's Mind said...

I believe any civilized person has to agree with that!! War only brings about destruction to civilians...

The thing is, win and loss depends on whose view it is: Only when a party sets some arbitrary goal above the lives of civilians and their well-being, only then it might see gain in war... Needless to say, any party that puts power and control above the lives of civilians is a shame to humanity!!

Rania said...

Life is more precious. Life is more worthy. Life is too much to gamble.
It's painful that the majority won't fully acknowledge that until they lose a loved one. Only then will we start thinking differently.

Lubna said...

you got a wise father here! :P

Devil's Mind said...

True! True! (for Rania and Lubna respectively)

Tala said...

there is a lot of deals that happen underneath the tables. note that the Israeli's didnt hit anything that is ensured by jewish companies. it entered with a purpose and the purpose was hard to achieve this time, since we are taken for granted as usual.. the thing that i can see from all of that is that there is a price you pay for belonging to a certain category of people, this category could be backed up or could be worked against such as shee3a people.

its true that Lebanon went under ground and had never had the chance to take a breath for a while without wars. but what i know is that a lebanese people would not get aligned with a jew against Hizballah which happened in the previous war in different scheme because masla7et lebanon in south is kept with Hizballah side, but now, i guess its time Hizballah would slow down and accept to be disarmed if they backed of shib3aa and gave back the prisoners thats only IF Hizballah were really concerned with the best of lebanon and not imply what Iran aims to get to.

afterall ,, yeah what you guys said is true. but i would like to say that Hassan Nasrallah is a very wise man and i believe he will not work for the worse of Lebanon.

Jews are not decent and never keep their word. you can't trust them. Play games .. maybe.