Friday, December 01, 2006

The Funniest Geeky Tale

Sometime ago, one of my university colleagues come to me for advice about his slow going computer acting funny at discrete times, so I suggested to him that his PC might be infected with a virus and suggested that I would send him a really good antivirus - Mcafee Enterprise 8.0i - over msn and advised him to install it.

Now keep in mind that this guy is a third year computer engineering student, who supposedly should have minimum computer skills. The thing is, few days later he came to my friend Ghaith telling him that Zaid (ie. me) is such a jerk! Although I am a self-proclaimed jerk, yet Ghaith found the declaration quite shocking, so he asked him about the reason he made that assertion. The guy tells Ghaith that I sent him a virus over msn. Ghaith knowing that I'm not really a virus kiddie was suspicious of the accuracy of the claim and asked him to elaborate. So he explains that after I sent him Mcafee over msn, he installed it and the computer gave him a message saying "Virus Found".... What an unfortunate event!!! I really must have been such a jerk!


kinzi said...

Hehe! Are you sure this isn't a recycled dumb blnds joke?

Ghaith said...

LOL Kinzi!

No, this isn't a recycled joke!

This is reality TV :D

Lubna said...

hahahhahahahaha.... NO WAY

Devil's Mind said...

Kinzi, if it happened to some blond it wouldnt be that funny, the funniest part was that the guy was a third year computer engineering student!! Anyways, maybe this time its gonna be the other way around. Maybe someone would be inspired to make a new blonds joke out of the incident!!

Well, Lubna: WAY!! :S

Lubna said...


MQabbani said...


is such ppl still alive ... hmm hey man come on its computer engineering , mean HW not SW ;)

take it easy .. at least he did and read the msg window .. better than who bring me his PC and the anti virus pop window say : ACTION 1 2 or 3 , he didt know what he should choose , and BS.c COmputer science .. you know it's HARD TO CHOOSE DELETE if ur not an expert

GOd i LOVE this PPL

Amer said...

LOOLL, a 3rd year CE student ?
Had aboo ghasbo 3aleiha LOL