Monday, December 11, 2006

Public Openness And Personal Honesty - Part 3: Public Nudity

As I explained in Part 1, people are usually more honest about issues relating to physical attributes rather than emotional attributes. Exposing one's physical or emotional attributes makes them feel vulnerable. This feeling is completely understandable and justifiable. Nonetheless, we need to understand that dealing with our fears and points of vulnerability makes us more mature and stronger in general personality. As humans, we need to learn to accept ourselves whether in terms of physical form, or emotional build.

The more important issue, that we should recognize such acceptance and exposure as a point of strength, and something for the good of the individuals and the society as a whole. It might not be the choice of everyone, but it should still be recognized. Since it is tough for people to open up emotionally, many societies recognized their capacity to open up and accept their physical attributes. Such step can be recognized as an intermediate step to open up both physically and emotionally. What I am talking about here is the nude societies.

Public nudity is deemed unacceptable in many societies, and down right offensive in others. It is pathetic that such societies find themselves helpless next to the idea of exposing their physical attributes. What is even more dangerous, that such societies impose on others to follow their policy of denial. It can be understood that some people might feel uncomfortable exposing their physical attributes and feeling vulnerable at the possibility of that happening. But they cannot setback those who feel strong enough to accept their physical forms. It is no wonder why such societies are so emotionally locked up, as they are unable to unleash whats even more basic form of honesty.

I believe this deep rooted dishonesty, which is even enforced and strengthened by the social norms, is part of the reason we fail in building up straight and honest relationships. Please don't confuse the reason with the effect. People are dishonest by their nature, and that's why social norms are the way they are now. People created the social norms for their own convenience (and the inconvenience of others).

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The Observer said...

Hey Devil;s Mind. I like your blog.

Actually I am pleased to read about this topic (Public Nudity), as I have an idea of a short story that I am writing about a Man with a need to stay nude living in a conservative society - some place like Amman :).

I am excited to finish it up, but it still needs sometime. I will post it on my blog once it is done. Hope you'll read it then and like it.

Devil's Mind said...

Thank you The Observer... I will be looking to read your insight about the issue as presented in the story you refer to. I will be checking for its release.

I am glad that you are being a reader of my blog.

I have noticed your blog for quite a while. Actually, I noticed it when you posted on my "The Right To Discriminate" post, and noticed a post discussing a similar topic with quality comments following it. Since then I've been a passive reader, hopefully soon I would become more interactive.