Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Perfect Valentine's Gift

Disclaimer: Some links include sexually explicit content

Matchbox 20 in "Could I be you":
And I was wondering
Could I just be you tonight (Full lyrics)

On Valentine's Day boys and girls are looking for the perfect gift to give their loved ones. A perfect Valentine's gift should be able to demonstrate the love between the couple and increase their intimacy.

It is understood that many couples fantasize of walking in one another's shoes. Such experience would give intimacy its maximum boost. With that in mind, I have thought of the perfect Valentine's gift to get your loved one: A strap-on dildo.

On this special occasion, you can share with your loved one intimate moments where each one of you walks in the other's shoes - Swapping of souls you may say! For a unique life experience, girls and boys can swap their roles and see life in the eyes of the other person. If you are not sure how to use this unique tool, check this demonstration of the tool being used in action.


Mazz said...

lol! a strap on dildo! wow!
well, to be perfectly honest, i really wouldn't want anyone to step in my shoes for a day cause they'd either hate it or not be able to handle it!
plus, we all know that with the more open minded couple, valentine's about gettin' it on!
that's why i wanted to post the song "Crazy Bitch" by Buck Cherry on my blog. but thought otherwise!

XZeeR said...

LoooooooL amazing! u just screwed every guy who celebrates valentine's! i think it is the perfect gift! coz all those guys need some ass pounding to feel the " love " hehehe..and screw jordanblogs for banning u

Devil's Mind said...

Thank you Mazz and XZeeR for appreciating the sense of humor found in this entry :)

It seems some people lack any sense of humor and cannot handle a little joke.

And BTW Xzeer, you have exactly identified the point of this post. Those guys need serious ass-pounding :)

Moey said...


that's queer