Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Excuse My French

"If you put 'Le' in front of a word, it does make it classy... like 'Lesbian' – the classiest woman of them all."

Captain Hero / Drawn Together


The Observer said...


L'Arab Observer ;)

Does it work?

Devil's Mind said...

Oui, beaucoup de la classe :)
[Translation: Yes, a lot of class]

7aki Fadi said...

Le Tee*y...LOL

Sorry I couldn't resist.

Saned! said...

lol at 7aki fadi

I think it would be L'Observer Arabe :)

Devil's Mind said...

7aki Fadi, please avoid censoring words - this violates the policy of this blog.

PS: I suppose, 7aki Fadi meant to say:
Le Teezy. [Translation: My L'Ass]

The Observer said...


Le Teezy ana! heheheh

7aki Fadi said...

Yup you totally got it, ok so no censoring in the future :)

Devil's Mind said...

Thank you 7aki Fadi for your cooperation, I hope my request didn't echo heavily. I hope my commentators would respect the few -yet important [at least for me]- policies on this blog. :)

I have taken the responsibility of not censoring the things I write from my readers... And I wish my readers would do the same, at least for the simplest things like not censoring words and stuff.

Anonymous said...

le bonjour!, le diable O'corps;)))
j'espere ques ca sera un bon apres-midi.

Devil's Mind said...

a-mok said: [Translated]
Le good morning, Le Devil's Mind. I hope this will be a good afternoon.

Same to you, a-mok. :)