Monday, April 02, 2007

Excuse Me: I Have To Hate You!

Philosophies and religions exist to enrich people of their world and their understanding of it. And through the meditations and the deep thoughts, humans have been able to compile their ideas in the forms of religions and philosophical views. But in the dire need for humans to create conflicts, they basically shove one another's views over the others, people started fighting those who reach different answers. One episode of South Park highlights this phenomenon, in an episode called "Go God Go". Cartman now is in the future, five hundred years after Richard Dawkins has freed the world from religions:
Cartman: Wait!! Isn't everybody is at war over atheism?!
Leader 1: Atheism?!! No, we've learned to get rid of all the "isms" in our time.
Leader 2: Yes... Long ago we realized that "isms" are great for those who were rational, but in the hand of irrational people "isms" always lead to violence!!
Cartman: So there is no war now in the future?!
Leader 3: Of course there is war, the stupid French Chinese think they have a right to Hawaii!!
All: [Angrily] YEAH!!

The above excerpt parodies the never ending humans' resolution to create war, and that religion IS NOT the "reason" for humans to kill eachother, but merely an "excuse" to do so!! It would be naive to think that when -and if at all- humans dumped religions then the bloodshed would stop... It really doesn't work that way!!

And finally, as Marilyn Manson puts it in "The Beautiful People":
There's no time to discriminate,
Hate every motherfucker
That's in your way (Full lyrics)

If for just a second you thought you were discriminated against because of your religion, skin, sex, or whatever.... THINK AGAIN!!


The Observer said...

Thank you. You made me think again :)

No_Angel said...

hey purely and simply entropy will rule eventually, we have alot less conflicts than we used to, so eventually they will not disapear but will be indoctrinized.
Of course thats after a near extinction experience :D

Devil's Mind said...

I think conflict is inversely proportional to resources. Humans mainly fight for resources.

Long time ago, people's world was very narrow... People lived in small towns, and the resources were limited.

These days, we live in big towns were nobody has the time for another, the resources are more available, and the science and technology is keeping everyone busy with their own business.

Maybe when humans reach the point of intergalactic explorations, and can gather resources from all over the universe, and the energy is almost infinite because we use anti-matter reactors... At that point, I expect the conflicts to go down to minimum.

Q said...

While it is true that religion is not an explicit reason for people to hate each other, I believe it is one of the biggest motives. What makes religion more dangerous than other forms of discrimination is that, while masked as an invitation to peace and harmony, it actually fosters discrimination and condones it. This means that given the large number of believers, and the brainwashing capability of religion, the susceptibility to discrimination by religious beliefs is increased many times.

I do sincerely believe that humans don't like conflict by nature, which means that with the proper upbringing, at least wars based on ideologies should stop....

Devil's Mind said...

Well, sure people don't want conflict per se... If you want something, and it is given to you for free, thats surely better than having to fight for it!!

But if we had to fight for something that we need for our advancement, its our instinct to fight for it...

Price is inversely proportional to availability. For something to be given for free, it has to be abundant, so we get back to the initial claim about resources.

Tala said...

religion IS NOT the "reason" for humans to kill eachother, but merely an "excuse" to do so

so you are saying that that source of it is natural plain hatred that forcebly exists in humans or because naturally they cannot not discriminate? you do believe in the rule of the jungle, don't you? but i guess this one evolves too.

fighting is definitely over resources. if there is enough resources, then everyone is surviving, but its not about surviving anymore, its that everyone wants more, nobody settles down for the current state they are in, so fighting over dominance is raised,wanting to protect and preserve a certain image as well or fighting what is strange. even if you got rid of what is out of date, new stuff always come up..

Tala said...

and even if i fight the desire of dominance with injecting new thoughts and views, still one day these thoughts will become the rules to negate whats out of date and people will naturally want to hold to them while others find new ones..

Devil's Mind said...

"so you are saying that that source of it is natural plain hatred that forcebly exists in humans or because naturally they cannot not discriminate?" - I believe that nature is non-discriminating. Think about it, nature does not know you or me, nature does not have preferences. Nature merely applies its laws consistently over the whole universe.

So we can see that "discrimination" is merely an illusion. All of us live in the nature, and are applying the laws consistently. Every situation yields different results. If you want to call that discrimination, you're free... But I don't see it as being so!!

Finally, sure humans follow the rule of the jungle, just like every other living organism... Also all other human systems are derivatives of the rule of the jungle!!

Need a simple demonstration?! Okay, take any "civilized" country in the world. Who laid the rule of civilization?! The government or the ruling system... How?! By using their force! The government is the "strong" side, and since the strong lays the rule, they force others to be civilized - using the rule of the jungle!!

Natasha said...

Religion is the opiate of the masses –marx

Religion teaches ppl to think in a hierarchical way, with god on the top of hierarchy then the prophets, then “Al 7akem bi 2amr allah”, then the head of the family..and so on..

When ppl believe in that hierarchy and believe in justice after death, they accept living poor, without human rights and they accept anything that comes from a higher level of the hierarchy, religious ppl never - in history- fought for enhancing the circumstances they live in “justice on earth” but the leaders of that system can easily manipulate the followers to go into any war, they don’t fight for justice but for the dignity of their system /hierarchy /believes …

That is part of the communism philosophy , for me it makes complete sense :)

Natasha said...

Ya3ni, at the end of the day, religion is a powerful tool to manipulate ppl and drive them were ever you want, killing is not an easy thing, you can’t convince someone to go kill ppl and risk his life by telling him we need you to do that for economical reasons!!

Devil's Mind said...

The main criticism was for the people who think that by relieving the world of religion, that violence would stop.

It is true that religion is a tool for the manipulative leaders to control their followers. But the people who are stupid enough to follow without thinking, are susceptible to all kinds of manipulation: Religion, Patriotism, Racism, Elitism, Honor... are all tools for manipulation.

I agree that maybe, to some extent, the hierarchical systems are encouraged through religions, while decentralized system are much better and more effective systems.