Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello, I'm a Mac - Funny Apple Ads

Nah, I'm not a Mac, I use PC. Apple started some ads campaign called: "I'm a Mac", it starts with two guys, the first one identifies himself as a Mac, and the other as a PC. The two guys represent their respective computer models and engage in conversations that are aimed to highlight the drawbacks of using MS Windows; Windows Vista in particular. No amount of description would suffice but viewing the actual ads.

This is a handpicked few of such ads:
1- Hanging windows
2- Creating a home movie
3- Spyware plague
4- Viruses
5- Vista's UAC
6- Choose a Vista

There are many other good ones, just search on Youtube with keywords: "I'm a Mac" or "Get a Mac".

While those ads are created to point out the flaws of MS Windows, it is false propaganda that apple does not suffer at least some of those flaws. For this reason, some people created spoof ads that shows that neither OS is perfect, and concludes the ad with: "Computers suck!". Two such spoofs are here and here. Other spoof ads were made to bash Macs, like this, this, and this.

But the funniest ads that were inspired by apple's ads had nothing to do with computers. One funny ad, titled "PC vs Penthouse pet - Vagina", really cracked me up. Another spoof ad with the same theme titled "PC vs Penthouse Pet - Fun". One spoof called "Mac vs Porn" is also fun to watch. Other themes included the comparison of men and women using the catch phrase "I'm a man. I'm a woman.".

But my favorite spoof is an ad for the Wii versus Playstation 3, where the Wii being portrayed as sexy, slutty girl... While the Playstation 3 is portrayed as an overweight, mild-mannered girl. "I'm a Wii" is a must-see!


aboSamoor said...

--I'm free*

*under GPLv3

Devil's Mind said...

AboSamoor, actually, Linux did contribute (through Novell) some spoofs: 1 2 3...

a different perspective said...

I liked those ads. I thought they were pretty entertaining, and the PC guy looks a bit like Bill Gates.

Devil's Mind said...

Well, yeah, he does look a bit like Bill Gates. And the ads are entertaining, it's a relief that the geeks can come up with funny stuff once in a while!!

Zait o Za3tar said...

I like the ads, and although I think they are pretty much propaganda (aren't all ads?), I find that I like working on the mac much more.

It is user friendly unix environment. The user experience is much better in my opinion than windows.

anyway, I love the spoofs. Thx for posting :)