Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Disposable Male

Check out this video about the social double standards in regards to the treatment of men and women in society, and how men are also oppressed under "patriarchal" systems.

PS: If you find this video interesting, check out it's continuation here


Fadi Zaghmout said...

Pretty much very interesting! first time I hear the term of the disposable male but it makes much sense.. :D

Devil's Mind said...

I believe all people should be self-interested. That is the only solution as far as I can tell. The only way to reduce the gender gap peacefully without violence. Pursuing self-interest should be a right to all human beings.

Self-sacrificing people start wars, because they consider themselves disposable. Self-interested people on the other hand would not fight somebody else's fight. They wouldn't allow themselves to be toys for somebody else's benefit.

A self-interested person would not become a soldier so that he would march to his own death in the name of "God", government, or start wars that will put him or her in danger.

However, there is a difference between "small-minded" self-interest, and enlightened self-interest. This is the tricky part.