Friday, December 23, 2005

Lost And Delirious: A Lesbian Love Story

Lost and delirious is almost just another love story, but with a slight twist. The heros of this film are three girlfiriends, two of which are lovers. Although this kind of plot is not unique to this film, i think lost and delirious is really hell of a story. Recommended!

"RAGE MORE!", Paulie's favorite quote sums up all that you can to expect from her character in that movie. A wild passionate character, loaded with strong determination and a nerve to stand for what she believes. Paulie's love, Tory, on the other hand, tries hard to be a model of what her parents expect her to be, and when her relationship with Paulie was compromised, being afraid to lose her parents' support denies Paulie of her love and starts looking for a boyfriend to prove that she is straight.
Mary, who is called Mouse, is Paulie's and Tory's friend, a shy, honest, and loving character. She cannot take sides. She tries her best to stand next to Paulie in her hard-time, in the time Tory cannot be there for here.

Quotes from the movie
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Anonymous said...

i love this film it is ssssssssssso cool. i recommend it. i even accidently recomended it to a straight friend by mistake, ooppss