Thursday, December 08, 2005

Rockbitch: A Satanic Rock Band

Few days ago, i download a live concert called "bitchcraft", featuring "rockbitch". rockbitch is a band of Matriarchal satanists, it consists mostly of lesbian whores. the concert is really cool, and presents several satanic rituals and beliefs related to matriarchal satanism.
This page briefs the belief of rockbitch. bitchcraft is a real rock party, y'all rock fans dont miss watching it.

The band has been awarded the "diamond condom award" back in 1998.
i picked this quote from the award page:
The group ROCKBITCH are six women and one man that have emerged from a larger community of people (mainly female), who live a life based on a different code of behavior than that of fear and distrust.Believing, as they do, that Sex is the basic engine of Life. That, of all species, humans have the greatest potential for a harmonious way of life based on an elevated consciousness through sexual sharing.

here is a torrent for the concert. (you can use utorrent to download the file.) the download size is 800MBs.

PS: please note that the concert includes nudity, and explicit sexual shows.

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