Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My All-Time Favorite Joke

A lawyer jumps out of his chair exclaiming: "My client is innocent, my client is innocent!!"... The judge awkwardly looks at him and asks: "How do you claim that your client is innocent when he just has admitted a murder and robbing a bank?!"... The lawyer argues: "So are you going to question me and take the words of a murdering thief?!"

I know it may not make sense, but thats the beauty of the joke... Sometimes non-sense seems to make a persuasive argument to unsuspecting audience!!


Anonymous said...

seriously ??? all time fav. ??????
u've got 2 b kiddin..

Devil's Mind said...

Well..... Yeah, I'm serious!

mimi said...

its kindda fun :)

Nichola said...

Hey.. Nice to see you writing again.

The horny lady said...

Last time I visited MIMI blog and lift a comment but she deleted it why Mimi

The Observer said...

welcome back!

hehehe, this is good!

Sometimes people really do build logical conclusions on non sense!