Monday, May 15, 2006

Assholes Invasion

A friend once put it in a cool way: "We are all assholes, but its up to each one of us to decide to what extent we are willing to show that to the world." Then he added (talking to me): "And you my friend is willing to spill it all."


Tala said...

very true..
hiding the ugly side causes a lot of trouble to you and to whom you deal with. Sometimes its a make believe case.
Is it right to say aloud " i'm not good and i know it" ? Is it possible that i could be happy with it? i dont think anyone who is so can live with himself, herself without going insane.

we all have this negative energy inside. Is it right to let it out. control-less. i don't want you to notice it, what about hiding it. is this wrong?

Devil's Mind said...

I think expressing your negative energy is alright, at least to a select group of friends who can deal with it all... Its all about your sound evaluation of the situation, wether how transparent you want to be with others, and how understanding they are!

Ghaith said...

If what you're referring to as "negative energy" is a bunch of bad feelings or thoughts, then I think we all posses the ability to contain it or dissipate it into activities rather than expressing it to others.

However, if negative energy represents the bad side of our character, then expressing it means one of two:

- Our entire character is about evil/bad, so it's essentially all we've got to express,

which is pretty unsound.

- It's only a part of our character,

Here the only logical reason one would like to show his/her bad side to others is to unconsciously ask for their assistance in overcoming it. In this case, I think talking about it is a definite good!

Tala said...

yeah agreed:whatever energy it is, it should be out, either to talk to someone about it. or to let it out by doing something, preferably an activity. Blog :)

what about the things that relate to the character itself not the bad things that happen to you. the ugliness of a human character. the conflict between who you are and what you think you are and what you want others to think you are? should it be out too? when you doubt yourself, when you are confused? whom do you talk to? what do you do?

Devil's Mind said...

Actually the post was addressing the character of a person, rather than negative feelings for a particular day... Although most of the discussion applies to both cases!

Although it might seem wise to contain your negativity, what i am addressing is what is objectively true about yourself that there is no point in hiding...

Here the only logical reason one would like to show his/her bad side to others is to unconsciously ask for their assistance in overcoming it.
Not nessarily! What might seem good to one person need not apply to others; So if one conveys objectively his character its up to others to percieve it as good or bad one!

Ghaith said...


Personally, I tend to solve my problems on my own. I never felt really like talking to anybody about my own problems, and I can say I rarely failed when I acted alone. Listening to others and having their thoughts only meant extra processing time for me, after which I'll come with the same solution I'd come up with if I didn't ask for their help in the first place.
I trust my self, and I believe am always the most suitable to act. Again, this is only the case when am dealing with my personal affairs.
Talking about self-conflicts, I've had a number of these, and I managed to do without even mentioning it to others. Am not sure whether people should let these out, but at least it should be an expert they're consulting, not just any chatty person around.


I was trying to explain why anybody would show the character side that he/she thinks of as "bad". I think that those who show the faults they think they have (whether considered by others as good or bad) are silently trying to do something about it. I do agree that good and bad are relative terms however.

(sorry for posting in unicode, please delete my last comment)

Tala said...

i think the only way to be comfortable with yourself, is that what you think you are should match what you want people to think you are.
not to live in the illusions of what you want to be and make others believe that this is who you are.
your actions would be driven with who you refuse to be for sure. but will get to break with whom you hate to be when you actually do what you dont like.

one should not hide, there is no need. there is nothing to protect when you are confident enough and convinced with what you are doing .. i agree Zaid.

Gaith, its true that we consult others when we need a reaction to a certain state of disorder. True

you rang a bell. Thanks