Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Computer Hardware Upgrade - Round 2

Following my last 1GB-RAM, and 200GB-HD upgrade, yesterday i bought a new DVD-Writer... I couldnt believe how cheap those are now! For only 50JDs i got myself an LG DVD-Writer, although there were other models for 45JDs! Additionally, i bought 25 4.7GB-DVD-R discs for 9JDs which is almost equal to 120GBs... So all in all, I had to pay 59JDs for a fully-equipped DVD-Writer; My take is that anyone who doesnt have a DVD-Writer needs to go ahead and buy one: Its fucking cheap and worth every inch of it!

This extra boost has helped me a lot with the ever increasing disk space demand that can only be achieved by literally abusing my adsl connection; At least now my hard-disk can breath some air...

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