Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Why Some Men Look For Virgins

There is an old joke that i think says it all:
There was a man who wanted to marry a real virgin; On the first night with his first bride he took off his pants, pointed at his dick and asked her: "What is that?", so she answered: "DAH! A penis!"; So he divorced her because she knew pretty much to be a virgin... He went on and on, marrying women and divorcing them untill one day, on the first night with a new bride, he took off his pants as usual and asked: "What is that?", and the girl replied: "I seriously have no clue at all!"; The man felt immensely happy that he found his lost treasure... Later on that night, after they fucked all night, he looked at her and said: "See honey, that is called a penis", the girl was shocked and replied: "Ohhh! Really??! I thought all penises were twice as big!!"

There is only one explanation: if a man is looking for a virgin then he has a small penis... The only reason i can think for a man to look for a virgin is to ensure the girl's ignorance to how 'short' he is to be a real man!


Rania said...

That cracked me up!

And lol, I agree:)

Devil's Mind said...

Glad the idea was amusing :D

Tala said...

how important is the sex issue to you? it seems like it takes a lot of your critics!
well, ok .. i would like to note something on the topic, even if a man didn't care for a woman's sexual history, it does grant him being REAL man..
he might turn out to be insensitive, betrays. self centered, he could be treating her with the same manner of the limited to virgin one.. there is not quite a huge difference. maybe the later would grant her more independancy but necesarily being sincere or true.
i dont know why i find that i disagree with you, i believe ethics are the key to human relations and they still exist. i would respect a hooker that wont lie more than a pretender or a mean religious. but still its important to know where are your limits and care for the being of otherswise we will be no more than animals living in a forest

Devil's Mind said...

Good insight Tala,
"i dont know why i find that i disagree with you", maybe bcuz of some misunderstanding; "i believe ethics are the key to human relations", agreed: i find trust as one of main keys in interpersoanl relations; "i would respect a hooker that wont lie", agreed: this particular idea has been suggested before in this blog (here)

Allow me to elaborate:
First of all, this post is satirical, while the other one u refer to represents a more serious and direct opinion.
Both of them relate to "ethical" value in relationships...

This post addresses an issue that i find upsetting: Using other people's ignorance to hide your own shortcoming; Many people instead of working to be good people just find an ignorant person who is unaware of their shortcoming, and purposely leave them in the dark! This is what i usually call "Devotion out of ignorance" which i find to barely count as devotion!

The other post, which i believe u refer to by "even if a man didn't care for a woman's sexual history", suggests that trust is an important part of a relationship, and that asking for "evidence" shows lack of trust between a couple! Another idea that it adresses is relative morality... If you read my reply in the comments there, you will realize that its purpose is to suggest that each person has his own code of morality; and two people as a couple should agree on a code of morality that defines both of them.... It also suggest that the code of morality that is held between a couple should not be affected by what code of morality other people are trying to impose on them!

"how important is the sex issue to you? it seems like it takes a lot of your critics!"; good observation! How important is the sex issue to me? If i say lotta, i'd be lying, if i say nil, i'd be lying as well; i think sex is a basic instinct and important for healthy life; but it takes a secondary role in interpersonal relationships... Additionally, sex can (but not necessarily) be interpretted as a sign of (but not only sign of) acceptance; This is surely not a comprehensive answer

"he might turn out to be insensitive, betrays. self centered"; Please understand that each post handles one -or few- ideas; No one post is comprehensive, and if i will put all ideas in one post, it wont be a post anymore it would become a book!

Sheldon John said...

Boy! I sure liked this one..
There is this myth called virginity. I don't believe that stuff.. I mean.. who cares? I really envy animals... They act according to their instincts... and don't we all? Yet many will deny this!
I support your idea! Too far have people studied ethics... What is good for one is evil for another! Clearly... ethics is a once choice. I'm not denying its role, but check out any History book..
You will see that often it is religious men who hardly follow ethics..
My message-
Practice what you preach... or else retire and join some lonely hearts club!
Adios! Thanks for publishing my link on your blog! Great Job!
Keep postin' 'em!

Radi Radi said...

think of this, traditions, customs, and most importantly honour and relegion, many religious people think that having sex before marriage is taboo and forbidden, therefore, they think its preferable to have a virgin bride.

that doesn't guarantee chastity however, it doesn't ever guarantee the hymen itself even. Anal and oral sex are as shunned if not more shunned by religious hypocrites. but there are no guarantees that a virgin never had any of either. also with hour-long operation of hymen restoration being so popular in Jordan and elsewhere, the hymen itself is no guarantee.

If someone wants to marry a girl who he knows has been waiting for marriage then he has every right to. ofcourse he has to tell her of his history as well. I think it is fair to be honest and expect honesty and also fair to have expectation about the history of your partner.

but that is just me