Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fucked From The Inside

The hardest moment is when you realize that you have failed BY YOUR OWN STANDARDS!! Failing when the Judge is YOU!!

I failed a long time ago...


The Observer said...

You can always lessen you inside judge. Get rid of strict rules and you will always be a winner :)

Tala said...

you know, sometimes i think too hard of stuff and the WHY questions just come up, i get nowhere, i feel lost and disappointed, but then i pause for a while and i conclude that its just time. (you tried your best, didn't you?)

once you told me, if everything was up to me, there would be no problem, if people are co operative enough then there should be no problem neither, right?

(its definately not me who should tell you this coz you know) everything needs to take its time, be patient and keep up your outstanding work :)

everything is ok

Devil's Mind said...

Observer, what you suggest is merely cheating one's self!!

Maybe I failed numerous times, but I still didn't surrender. If I lower that standard, then I simply admitted that I CANNOT do what I want to EVER!! I cannot accept that result... If I accept the result as a "win", then all I did was surrender!

Tala, you are right, I did say what you suggested. Now regarding the issue you raised, when a person judges something, they judge the end result... What I said was an "excuse" or simply the reason for failing... But that doesn't change the fact that I did fail...

Excuses\reasons\circumstances don't justify a negative end result...

The Observer said...

In the contrary, I suggest to know your capabilities better. It is good to encourage yourself, but you don't have to be harsh on yourself.

Tala said...

when a person judges something, they judge the end result... no not necessarily.

simple example: yesterday at so you think you can dance, Musa made a Great Dance in 30 seconds, while Demetri made a dance which was just normal, if it was the end result which judged whom should go out, Demetri Sucked, Musa would have stayed, because he is the best among all when he is on Solos, but Demetri didn't do that great on that routine but he got to stay, you know why?

because he had a faster learning pace on what he doesn't master as his default dance knowledge and he is good in all 7 ( i guess or 9) desciplines of dance and he is good when he worked with a partner.
the tradeoff is between narrow, focused, end point or bandwidth and long run plans. this is how you evaluate. or in another context, do you want one thing at a time or a little bit of so many things? this is intensity

so when you judge, on a materialistic level yes you evaluate the end result as either (fail, success) , but its the experience itself, the knowledge, its the overall thing, taking into consideration all the circumstances and controlling variables and people involved.

another thing, its a sentence in the electronics lab weekly quizes: at the end of the page you find:

Don't Cry :( , Just Try :), Good Luck

ba3dain, ma zabtat hai il marra, toz, il marra il jai btuzbot. la 7ayat ma3 al ya2s wala ya2s ma3 al 7aya :P

Devil's Mind said...

"In the contrary, I suggest to know your capabilities better." - This is a continuous process... Thats to say, first a person knows his capabilities more with time, and second, a person's capabilities grow with time.

I agree with you, a person should know his capabilities to make reasonable goals.

Tala, I don't agree with you that we don't judge by the end result. I think you have some misconceptions about the relationship between short-term goals, long-term goals, and milestones. Some goals are auxiliary and losing them is not a problem, while the long-term goals are usually more well-defined and more important.

Milestones represent progress towards the long-term goals. They are not goals by themselves, but provide feedback for progress.

Short-term goals, on the other hand, are markers for progress and also can be satisfying as goals. Short-term goals are important because they give more frequent satisfaction and are usually not critical.

Tala said...

if failure was justified is it still considered a failure? i normally call it a bad experience :P

i guess you are going to say Yes. ok i agree.

its how we feel about failure whats important. but if its justified, i guess it greatly helps.