Monday, March 28, 2011

The Arabs Needed A Victorious Moment

This is what my father always used to say: "The Arabs need a moment of victory." The meaning of which is that the recent history of the Arab nation is full of failures, and those consecutive failures caused them to be in a state of defeat and frustration, losing confidence and being defeatists. The effect of which lead to shameful results, like the one I blogged about few years back.

Today, the climate is changing. Tunisian revolution was the moment of victory that most Arabs were looking for. I commend the spirit of those revolutions, because as I mentioned in previous posts, the problem was that the Arab nations were looking for victory in places were there is no place for victory. Misplaced anger you might call it. Blaming external forces for their defeat, instead of looking for the real reasons of defeat, which is internal corruption rather than external conspirators.

It is for this reason that the Tunisian revolution has gone viral throughout the Arab world. The victorious moment has come. And for this reason, the claims of the anti-reformists saying that each country is "unique" in its situation is misleading. Those revolutions are spreading precisely because the situation is similar throughout the nation. All of them see the undeniable resemblances across the different regimes that exist today, and all of them require the same kind of solution: Reform.

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