Monday, March 06, 2006

My Theory Of: "Nothing Can Go Wrong"

My theory is simple: Anything that happens has a truth value as TRUE! This view is derived from the materialist view of the world... Physics has a truth value because it is self-preserving! Consider the simple rule of gravity: does physics need any guardian to make sure that all objects follow the "law of gravity"? Nope! because such rule is not breakable in the first place.. There is no kind of rule stating: "if an object doesn't experience the force of gravity it will be sentenced to death"

Thus, nothing can go wrong when nature exhibits gravity; For a true rule there are no exception; Another way to put this is as stated before: Anything that happens has a truth value as TRUE! Similarly, a theory or a law where "something can go wrong" has truth value as FALSE!!
In other words, TRUTH is self-preserving...

PS: The truth value of Newton's laws is not relevant to this debate

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