Monday, March 27, 2006

U Dont Know Me!

Slipknot just puts it nicely in "My Plague":
I don't mind being ogled,ridiculed
Made to feel minuscule
If you consider the source,it's kinda pitiful
The only thing you really know about me is...
...that's all you'll ever know
(Full lyrics)

And not less eloquently, POD puts it beatifully in "Anything Right":
I can't do anything right
You don't know me, stay out of my life
Kick me while I'm down, I want you to
I can't be like you
Don't want to be like you (Full lyrics)

Finally, Linking Park in their mysterious ways in "Easier To Run":
Something has been taken
From deep inside of me
A secret I've kept locked away
No one can ever see (Full lyrics)


Philip said...

Hey...I thought you might like to check out this site. It is not satanic, but you might find a lot of our musical stuff interesting. We have interviews with Norma Jean, As I Lay Dying, Demon Hunter, Stavesacre and more. Being a fan of hard music, I think it might be worth you checking us out. It's .
Maybe some day we'll get an interview with POD!

Devil's Mind said...

interesting read man, thanks for sharing

Philip said...

Sure thing! Thanks for taking a look. It shows Christians aren't all sunshine and stained glass.Oh, and if you're looking for some amazing lyrics, check out Norma Jean. Their stuff will knock you out.

Philip said...

Check this one out:

From "The Entire World Is Counting On Me, And They Don't Even Know It" by Norma Jean

Running away from this earth.
May it pass away in the beautiful flames that it was created for.
Because when tomorrow fails to come,
today is just not the same.
Inflamed earth.
In this hope.
For all I care set it all ablaze.