Saturday, March 18, 2006

Victimless Crime Is Not A Crime

A crime is a violation of someone's right, so obviously an action that doesn't violate anyone's rights is not a crime....

Public order crimes, or alternatively called victimless crimes SHOULD NEVER be prohibited by law... Such activities include: Drugs, prostitution, suicide, pre-marital sex, homosexuality.... etc.
Whose rights does drug addiction violate? No-one! Yes, thats right... Why should a suicidal person take more shit? If two people agree to have sex (for cash or love), whose rights are being violated? In what ways are heterosexual people more "straight" than homosexuals? Why do heterosexual couples have the right to get married, while homosexual couples do not?

Every single one of these laws VIOLATES the rights of individuals, therefore such laws should be abolished!! Yes, an individual has the right to use drugs, commit suicide (and even get external assistance to do that), engage in sexual act with any consenting partner of their choice.... only to name a few of the widely criminalized rights...

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Rania said...

Very well said.

A crime is supposed to be violation of someone's rights, but it's also treated as violation of general norms, and it is the laws that serve to strengthen those norms, making sure they govern the life of every citizin. Limiting personal freedom makes people easier to control.

Why should you punish someone for the way they use what's theirs? Even if they want to abuse it, misuse it (isn't that relative anyway?), destroy it, it's their choice, as long as they're responsible adults.

You tell someone that it's inappropriate to pick their nose. You teach them that smoking is bad for their health. But as long as they do not pollute the air you're breathing, this is all you can do- teach them. Lecture, write, perhaps. But going as far as criminalising purely personal acts is hypocrisy.

There's a song that goes,
I know what I'm doing
So why don't you leave me alone
It's my body and my body's
Nobody's business but my own...