Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories is a collective term coined for a wide range of skeptical claims that gained momentum throughout history, although may have not been supported by positive evidence... Conspiracy theories are abundant in politics, by regular people skeptic of the governments accusing them of conspiracies. One such conspiracy theories are the anti-semetic theories regarding Jews taking over the world, other conspiracy theories have been coined up about the assassination of John Kennedy or the inter-governmental collaboration to eradicate evidence of underground existance of aliens!!

Apart from political conspiracy theories there are various philosophy-oriented theories usually called "Philosophical skepticism" in order to distinguish them from the more dominant political conspiracy theories; The most popular philosophical skepticism is the dream skepticism: The eternal question if our lives were nothing but a dream that felt like reality!

Finally, conspiracy theories have an important role in science-fiction... Numerous writters have established ground basis for skeptic science-fiction; The film (triology of) "The Matrix" (my all-time favorite science-fiction) has pioneered that category!

It is important to note that "conspiracy theories" are actually ONLY hypotheses (rather than theories) because they dont have well-grounded falsifiability...

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