Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Property Is Unnatural

For the most part I am generally a supporter of capitalism as it seems to fit well with my other beliefs. Capitalism strives on competition, which is synonymous to darwinistic evolution; the "free market" is economical freedom; Capitalism works for greater benefit of humanity in general, and the individuals... The most notorious ideology opposing capitalism is socialism: The thing is, I dont disagree with socialism (marxism in particular) because I am starting to see that they dont really contradict - but thats beyond this entry! What i am about to say is NOT pro-socialism although it might be a good anti-capitalism argument...

The problem of capitalism is that it relies on the basic assumption of the right to property; Your right to have your own resources that no-one make take from you.... But if we take a closer look at the basic assumption capitalism exhibits we find that it is flawed: Property is unnatural! That is, i agree that no-one may take whats yours, but when was that resource assigned to you? Who gave it to you?

As far as i know, at the beginning of time the land was common, and the resources was common: No-one actually owned a land, no-one actually owned anything! The truth is, no-one owns anything, but they might control it... This control is seized by the fitter! Consider the Israeli-Palestinian dilemma: The land is not owned by anyone, but both parties are fighting to take control of the land using political influences... Another example is Microsoft, their money (or stock points) is worthless without an economical construct (capitalism that is) that gives them influence by the money they have...

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Tala said...

yeah you are right, no one owns anything.
Do you know John Lenon's Imagine??

imagine no possessions
i wonder if you can

nice song

Devil's Mind said...

well, i didnt know the song before, but i read the lyrics and it seems nice :D

Tala said...

My dad likes this song ..