Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Steady State

Every unstable state experiences spontaneous change to a more stable state usually called its natural state... Once an isolated system reaches its natural state it stops changing, although usually a system never reaches its natural state but only approaches it as time goes to infinity (usually exponentially)!

Several real life theories employ this model: The universe as a whole system aproaches a natural state of an all-free energy evenly distrubuted over the universe, this effect is described through the Chaos theory where every change frees some energy and helps distrubute the energy within the universe evenly...

According to Marxism - within my very limited (and probably flawed) understanding of it (which I would appreciate a more knowledgeable person to enlighten), a socio-economic natural state is obtained when all power is fairly distributed where class struggle would be eliminated (this state called communism)!


arabian_terrorist said...

nice one! it's too sad that the people reading your blog and comments dont appriciate it! :P

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Ghaith said...

I second arabian_terrorist, it's a shame that people don't respond to your posts but do to posts on the world cup and other lame subjects.

Keep up the good work Devil's Mind, we'll be here as we always were :)

Devil's Mind said...

Thanks arabian_terrorist and ghaith for the support! I guess im pretty happy about my traffic... I am not sure about exact figures of how many people visit, but I think i do get enough appreciation by a few :D