Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Blessed Ignorance?

"Omniscience is also studied in game theory, where it is not necessarily an advantageous quality if one's omniscience is a published fact. For example, in the game of chicken: two people each drive a car towards the other. The first to swerve to avoid a collision loses. In such a game, the optimal outcome is to have your opponent swerve. The worst outcome is when nobody swerves. But if A knows that B is in fact omniscient, then A will simply decide to never swerve since A knows B will know A's logical decision and B will be forced to swerve to avoid a collision — this is assuming each player is logical and follows optimal strategy." (source)

"when i reminisce ignorance was bliss," (LimpBizkit - Lonely World)
"Ignorance is not bliss" (Arch Enemy - We Will Rise)

"A pain-in-the-ass partner? Lose so that he will lose." (Common Saying, translated from Arabic)
"Truth hurts." (Common Saying)

"he who dont make the work, makes others do it !!!" (Devil's Mind)

Which is a stronger weapon, wisdom or ignorance?! Ignorance is actually an exploit of knowledge. Sometimes, u just gain advantage by not knowing... Would u wanna know what u've been missing then?! Personally, i never repented what i know, although i did recognize at certain moments that ignorance would have been just easier.

Considering such dilemma, the question of 'to know or not to know' may not be as straightforward as it may seem initially, but effectively an optimal strategy is being wise, acting dumb! This might work for someone!


Rania said...

Good question..

The thing with knowing is that it calls for a decision and an action. Confusion. Rebellion. Major changes in the way you live your life. "Ignorance is the mother of devotion." It's extremely hard to know and do nothing about it. When you know, there's no running away from it: You can't walk back, you can't sit still, you must carry on knowing, and you must take a stand- there's no end to it.

Ignorance can be bliss sometimes- ignorance of your partner cheating on you, for example. "Acting dumb" could work, but it's never the same as not knowing in the first place. It's "easier", like you put it. Safer. "What you don't know can't harm you."

The movie "The Village" talks about the concept of bliss and ignorance, though it's not one I would recommend!

Devil's Mind said...

"Ignorance is the mother of devotion."
its the first time i hear this saying... i find it somehow misleading...
as i understand it, devotion out of lack of choice (or lack of knowledge of other choices) is not really devotion.

Rania said...

I agree, devotion is not supposed to come out of lack of choice, but to me this quote means that it's so much easier to get someone ignorant to be devoted to you and to totally believe you, to use this devotion to keep them unaware of the injustices, the holes and wrongs you commit. ("Ignorant" here meaning unaware of other choices.) This is the thing- would you "know" you have other choices? Would you really be missing out on what you don't know? Ignornance can be charming- it's hard to question what or who you're completely devoted to, be it a person, a system, a principle, a religious belief.

Just like ignorance is the mother of devotion, knowledge is the mother of revolution. For example, I strongly believe that ignorance of their rights is what makes women not fight to improve their condition in the arab world.

Devil's Mind said...

good point(s): agreed.