Monday, January 30, 2006

The Right To Destroy Oneself

Defence: My client wants to terminate his own misery with the aid of his friend.
DA: Objection! We cant afford to lose some pathetic loser, who out of numerous disappointments in his life chooses consensually to terminate his own life.
Defence: Damn, i lose my case!

Whats the fuss about getting 'court order' for assisted suicide?! I mean, it makes sense not to freely kill someone against their will... but assisted suicide?! Thats stupid at best! Why do one have to take permission from some authority to kill someone who trusts them to terminate their life?!

You know what i think? If you want someone to kill you, you have only one friend: The drug dealer. Just pay him extra bucks to get you some good quality Extacy drug, take an overdoze and die feeling the whole world is yours... and after all, that drug dealer has no legal liability over the incidence, so you dont have to worry about your loyal friend being sued.
Just a thought.

PS: Try at your own risk

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sk8erboi said...

before destroying yourself, please note that you have been tagged ;-)