Saturday, January 07, 2006

Censorship In Its Ugliest Forms

Censorship is an unethical act that abuses the basic human rights of freedom, free speech, free expression, and individuality. It also deprives the human community of knowledge and experiences needed to for it to flourish and reach technological advancement. Thus censorship abuses humans as individuals, and as collective community. Censorship is usually pracriced by many governments and organizations to protect their interests by depriving the public of information. Violent acts against offending parties has also been practiced throughout history.

In not-so-new news, microsoft has been obliged by the chinese authorities to censor many blogs from chinese users. Following some links in that article, i have reached some more horrible citations of censorship acts practiced in china, including violence against "Falun Gong" and other parties.

Someone, may or may not, support organizations such as "Falun Gong" which are depressiated by some governments, but we need to stand for each and everyone's right to promote their ideologies in any proper way they please.

PS: i am not affiliated with any political parties

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