Monday, January 23, 2006

Satanic Sex Philosophy

In a previous post i have introduced the band Rockbitch and provided download links to one of their live performances: Bitchcraft.

The following is an extracted quotation of a conversation between one reporter and the members of Rockbitch band found on that video:
Reporter: You guys are extreme, you have kinda pushed the boundaries as far as u can bloody push it!
All: NOO!!
Reporter: You havent?
Vocalist: No we havent. you know, sexuality is so eclectic, its a rainbow of experiences. we have hardly taped into the kinds of things that women like.
Performer: And positions.
Reporter: What happens when say, just two people in a bedroom... is that still exciting? or is it just like.....
Vocalist: No, you dont do that babe... thats boring... any sex between just two people should be illegal... it should be a legal responibility for everybody to expand their horizons...
(kidding and light gestures)
Vocalist: We dont profess that everybody in the world would find all the different things we do appropriate for their sexuality, but if you are able to have an open mind about a fist fucking or something else extremely extreme, then you will have an open mind about somebody else's politics, their sexual politics, or the color of their skin. if you have an open mind about sex, and can look at what we do, and be happy and say "ohh yeah!", this makes the world a better, happier, and healthier place.

Amen to that!


Rania said...

Interesting point of view!
By acknowledging that sexuality and sexual behaviour are- in the most part- learned rather than born with, and that they're the product of social influences and norms, one learns that so are ideas, beliefs, opinions and all other practices. One accepts what's different with open-mindedness, because there are no boundaries, no limits to what you can do and where you can go, be it in sexual pleasure, scientific discovery, expression of thoughts, questioning and looking for answers... we as humans have set the boundaries for ourselves, rejecting everything outside the circle of "norms". What's normal anyway?

For quite some time now I have been reading a lot of Anton Lavey's philosophies and modern Satanism (not devil-worship, self-worship). It acknowledges human's carnal nature, celebrating it instead of repressing it. Isn't this what Rockbitch is about?

Devil's Mind said...

[quote]It acknowledges human's carnal nature, celebrating it instead of repressing it. Isn't this what Rockbitch is about?[/quote]
basically most satanisms are "about" this, be it Laveyism or otherwise (though not all). I have read several parts of satanic bible, including the "satanic sex" which rockbitch, lavey, and i seem to agree on.
Generally the christian church are to blame for the common misconceptions around satanism for obvious reasons.

I find truth in most parts of the satanic bible and Laveyism, although i wouldnt call it a 100% match (yet?). Most notoriously i am not sure about his attitude towards magic (i didnt attentively read those texts so i am ignorant about them, so cant give a positive attitude), and few other issues.
i am going to bring few quotes from the satanic bible here soon, to put some perspective.

slipknot in one of their songs say: "we will never repent, this is our religion"... this might be a broader view of satanism, which i also happen to agree with.

Rania said...

I still have so much to learn and read, so I can't judge yet, although there are some things that I find self-contradictory (including the so-called "shock factor", which is only too amplified when you think about the philosophy behind the practices).

I think it's hard to come up with a definition.
"I am the lord of my own universe, the god of all I see. I decide what happens and there's no one else." This is how one Satanist put it.

I have read only very small sections of the satanic bible. I think it would be eye-opening to post and discuss some of the thought-provoking quotes here.
Keep it up.

Devil's Mind said...

i would say that i read and grasped most concepts introduced in "The Book of Lucifer" (the AIR element), i didnt dig much around the EARTH and WATER elements...
i dont remember reading anything about the "shock factor" in the satanic bible, where is it discussed?
if you find self-contradicting stuff, i would apreciate it if you bring it to my attention through the notes and complaints section

spicing thought is one goal of this weblog, hope it will be able to adhere to its goals...

Rania said...

The "shock factor" is not mentioned in the bible- it's a term used by some to describe or justify some of the "extreme" ritualistic, religious sides of satanism. For example, the use of certain words, expressions, symbols, imagery... etc, that are easily misunderstood and misjudged, making satanism look like what it's not.

This "shock", as explained by some, is used to "immediately filter out the masses who are unwilling to question their own assumptions."
"Some will turn away... and so be it! By doing so they have already shown that they are unwilling to break their herd conditioning and think for themselves." -Vexen Crabtree

I guess Lavey put it best, "..You will find truth - and fantasy. Each is necessary for the other to exist; but each must
be recognized for what it is. What you see may not always please you; but you will see!"

Devil's Mind said...

although the "shock factor" isnt a necessity, i see no harm in it. do u?