Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Satanic Pride

Today, during my algorithms final exam, i had to sign on a paper that shows the names of the students with their total marks out of 60. My grade was 58, taking the lead (as is obviously expected). But something else other than the mark is right next to my name: two words, "Fuck you".
Obviously some guy who prefers to remain anonymous hates me. It made me feel good about myself, and kinda boosted my ego. It feels good to be loved by someone.... and it feels almost equaly good to be hated by someone else.


Ghaith said...

Getting a comment from an anonymous coward is such a proof you’re doing all great Zeid. Pity for the sick bastard who wrote it :D

Devil's Mind said...

yeah, it figures....
speaking of doing great, seems u'r man doing great with playin guitar... although that solo you made wasnt anywhere near perfect, yet it speaks you are doing great.