Friday, April 21, 2006

Opinion: If I Were A Girl!

Let me put it straight-forward for all of my readers: If I were a girl, i would pop my cherry with my own fingers... If you are not sure what "cherry" i am talking about, let me rephrase it this way: If i were a girl, i'd break my own hymen on my own!!
But why would a girl want to do that?! Simple: To piss "someone" off!!

Now seriously, a girl's sexual history is no-one's god damned business; Not even her husband's god damned buisiness!!
On a more serious note: Why would she even need to provide evidence of virginity even if she was one? Its purely degrading i think!
Yeah right, its like i say: "Honey am a horny lusty virgin slut, do me wildly!", then we fuck and he ends up saying: "But... but... U didnt bleed!"; So what big jerk: cant he take my word for it?! "Screw you, fuck the hell off my face!" i would say then, but only if it would have really mattered, which i dont think it would cuz then i'd probably have only wanted to get laid!!

I mean, you know those corn oil advertisements that say: "Make sure the Aluminuim foil is intact before you open it"; Do you see any distinction? None from where i stand, its an exact match!!

No more cherries for you honey: So Fuck Off!! 00100

PS: Try at your own risk


Khalidah said...

Well .. I agree with you that it is no one's business because it is HER body and HER virginity .. however; I don't think that it is worth the risk with such a stupid community that is fully built on double standards and blind traditions that say men can do whatever they want cause there is no evidence of losing virginity and they are not even required to prove anything .. and their fooling around comes with no consequences like pregnancy .. while women are quite the opposite ... so is it really worth it? and do men who allow themselves to deflower a girl and then leave her, are they worth it? I don't think it is worth the risk :)

Devil's Mind said...

I think its worth some risk (if you'r looking for a good relationship)... Your own code of morality VS the conventional code of morality... If you and your spouse\boyfriend\lover\..etc cant agree on the code of morality that suits both of you! well, dunno, but i dont think its a relation i'd want to mind maintaining!

Natalia said...

I agree with you. I don't think I would have gone as far as to break my own hymen when I was a virgin (not that there was that much to break, years of horseback-riding will do that), but in my adolescence I quickly understood that men who are obsessed with hymens and boldly going where no one has gone before are not worth it. To them, you're just a thing. Just a thing they can f*ck and then say, "she's my possession, I deflowered her!" Whatever.

Anonymous said...

shady: I think it depends on the community you live with. it,s not wise that you put yourself in danger of those fanatics you live with just because of a fool guy. a fool guy from the same society. it s better to safe yourself, just your own body and your own mind. but always remember that "god created you free".