Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Intellectual Digital Stripper

Alys (EGirl): Do u mind if i take off my skirt?
Player: No, not yet. First tell me why you chose to do this job!
Alys (EGirl): Fair enough. Sometimes people wonder why i think its alright to take my clothes off in front of others. Some call me immoral, others a slut. To be forthright, i think its funny that sexuality is so shunned in almost every society and culture.
I think that in being open in my own sexuality, i am helping to bring sexuality out into the open in society, hopefully one day it will no longer be shunned, and seen for what it is: a natural and essential part of life.

This excerpt was ripped off an "interactive 3D sex game" called EGirl. The game is actually lame, but i admired the digital stripper's attitude! Maybe we need more people like her....

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